Carben specialises in creating videos for positive social impact.

We help forward thinkers build trust and inspire action.

Ready to open hearts and start a movement?

Whether it’s for TV, web, the silver screen or beaming into a mobile phone,
powerful video content will make its mark with your audience.

We help you tell meaningful stories and bring human connection to life on the screen.
This is the future of branded communication and we love it!

You have a huge opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper level.
They are craving truthful and engaging content. Let’s give it to them.

Why do we tell stories?

Our Process



We conduct market research to discover insights about your target audience.


Insights become the seeds for clear, targeted and engaging concepts.


Concepts are transformed into videos that open hearts and inspire action.

Some of our awesome clients

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Case study: how to make a successful fundraising video

SPOILER ALERT: This is NOT a post about your Kickstarter campaign. There are ideas that can be applied to it, but this focuses on charities, Not For Profits and NGOs. Now show me the money. That’s the aim right? Funds being raised then being put to good use to help...
See Case Study

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