the new business of storytelling

Information sucks!
Wouldn’t you rather hear a story with a real message in a way that respects your intelligence?
With branded content. It’s the new business of storytelling.
Read on…

I recently attended BEFest, a festival of content marketing and branded entertainment. Held over two days at Luna Park’s Crystal Palace in Sydney, it brought together thought leaders from both Australia and internationally to discuss the burgeoning field of branded content. It was a very well curated event and an eye opener. Why?

Well for one, a seagull the size of a pterodactyl marked its territory…on me. Yep. It happened. The silver lining is that it started an inspiring conversation between myself and some lovely people from the up and coming telco amaysim. Thanks bird.

Secondly, it revealed that brands are sitting on an amazing opportunity to build lasting relationships with their customers through relationship focused branded content. AKA good storytelling.

A simple definition for branded content: great stories you give away.

If this is new to you, right about now alarm bells will be ringadinig in your head. Fear not, it’s natural. Why would you give away your best stuff? Your precious IP? Why would you expose yourselves to your competition? Simply, because it’s not about your competition. It’s about your audience.

Your audience is living in the age of emotional intelligence. EMOTIONAL is the key word here. They are beyond just needing information. Thanks to the internet, information is easily accessed, at lightning speed, whenever you want. But how much of it do you retain? It’s only when your emotional intelligence is activated, your deeper connection to the information, that you hold on to it.

So what that means for producing branded content is that it’s about telling stories that are both meaningful and completely aligned with your brand, whilst not asking for anything in return. It’s about paying it forward. Want some proof? Watch this…


Want some more…?

Unquiet Film Series

and remember this…


Ask yourself honestly if you feel any differently toward these brands after watching these. If the answer’s no, then maybe it’s not for you. If it’s yes, then you can see and FEEL the potential. This is the future. I promise you. Yep, I’m putting it out there.

In coming posts, we’ll explore the types of stories you can tell through this growing phenomenon. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is. It just takes some guts…and heart.
Boom boom.