As humans, we are obsessed with health. We’ve got a finite amount of time on this earth, and whether we’re doing it to look better, feel fitter or live longer, we generally want to be alive in the most healthy form possible, for as long as possible. There are obviously those of us who are happy to jump into a pool of fried chicken and go out early and in style, but for the most part, a desire for health and longevity are built in to our very DNA.


It’s no surprise then that almost 90% of people look to the internet for information relating to health. And it’s little wonder that there are a swathe of health and well-being solutions that cater to this monster market in whatever way they can. For example, you can check out about testolone for general strength.

So if you’re a single drop in this churning sea of health marketing, how do you stand out? What do you need to provide in order for people to look to you for their health and well-being advice?

Be Holistic

No, this isn’t meant in an “alternative medicine” way. Don’t tell people to rub crystals on their face to cure their cancer. It is meant in the actual medical way.

A common thread amongst those with a health focussed mindset is that they have intertwined goals. They may want to lose weight as well as manage a condition. They could be looking to lower their cholesterol while also hoping to complete a marathon.

Without one super specific goal, marketers need to aim to be more holistic. In medical terminology, this means treating a person as a whole, taking into account social and mental factors, rather than just the disease at hand.

In marketing terminology, it means offering health solutions that will fit seamlessly into a person’s lifestyle. You need to offer solutions that won’t be a burden to take on board, and that will join together like puzzle pieces to create a complete healthy lifestyle picture.

Focus on Positive Goals


A hugely underrated factor in the success of any lifestyle change is the motivating factors at play. If your heart isn’t in the right place, the chances of you making a permanent change are minimal. Of course, if your heart isn’t in the right place, it would be best to consult a medical professional anyway.

Referred to as “Start” and “Stop” Pathways, the difference between a positive and a negative motivation are stark. An example of a Start Pathway would be “using the stairs instead of a lift.” A Stop Pathway might be “don’t eat sugar.”

The success of Start Pathways are double that of Stop Pathways. Keeping that in mind when you’re marketing to your audience can have a huge impact on the results, and the satisfaction they feel towards the products, advice and services you offer.

Personalise Your Offering

Your Granny was right – you and everyone else is a very beautiful and unique snowflake. You need to treat people as such. Humans being the complex makeup of genetics and DNA that we are, one solution will never be a cure-all for the masses.

Whether it be for a health and wellness blog or a big pharmaceutical content marketing project, ensuring your marketing and solutions have the flexibility to cater to a gamut of different personal situations is essential for success in the world of health.

When a consumer has the feeling that their specific situation is being addressed, they’ll believe in the solution and have a far greater likelihood of a positive outcome.

Create a long-term relationship

A lot of people don’t like commitment. Don’t want to settle down. But for success in health marketing, you need them to. The road to a permanent healthy lifestyle is a long and winding one, and those who are on it will need constant follow-up and assistance.


For marketers in the health game, aiming for long-term relationships between consumer and product or service is super important for both sides. When it comes to health, a quick fix is not often an actual fix.

Health marketing is as competitive as it is complex, but sticking to some of these basics gives you a good launching pad to success.

A person’s health is a very personal thing, and treating it as such is the first step to being the stand-out drop in that ocean.