Other organisations have caught on. If it was a Fight Club system, and the first rule of content marketing was “you do not talk about Content Marketing”, those in the know might be sitting a bit prettier. But alas, the masses have seen it – content marketing is a bangin’ marketing tool, and every man and their business want a slice of that sweet, sweet pie.


It’s already difficult to wave your organisation’s banner in this sea of content, and it is only going to get harder. The key to success? Focus on creating quality, custom content. Research paper writers for hire may help you produce unique high quality content.

Here are four solid reasons why you should jump aboard the custom content train.

Stand Out From the Crowd

27,000,000. That is the number of content shares that occur on the internet per day. Just to put that into perspective, you’d need the hands of 2.7 million people to be able to count that high if you are a totally normal person who counts by using his fingers. It’s a perfectly good system alright?

With this sort of bulk running through the computer cables of the world, run-of-the-mill content can easily get lost in the fog. Remember that fella who came 5th in the 100m final at the London Olympics? Exactly. (If there was a gold medal for heart, Churandy Martina, that podium would have been yours).

With this sort of ferocity of competition, a concerted effort needs to be made by your organisation to invest in quality, consistent and original content. With a specific and well recognised focus, particularly in a less crowded niche, you’ll find your marketing budget stretching a lot further.

Brand Recognition

Why do people follow brands on social media? Why are they essentially choosing to watch the ads? Right up top in peoples’ reasoning is interesting content. 10 years ago, all I knew of Old Spice was that it was the maker of the often body-hair-covered deodorant stick of my Grandpa, that, like a car crash, I couldn’t stop looking at, and had a smell that I associated with the frailty of life.

Cut to now, and I not only follow Old Spice on multiple social media platforms, I also have one or two of their products floating around my house entirely on purpose. The main reason? Creative content marketing.

Social media is magnificently huge resource of potential clients. With your base of consistent, quality content, spreading it and creating a great deal of brand awareness is but a step away.


Inform Your Clients

When surveyed, more than 90 percent of consumers find custom content useful. How often have you ended arguments by heading straight to Google? People head to the internet with questions, and if your custom content provides them with answers, your organisation is going to float into their subconscious with a little tick beside it.

By giving people useful, quality information for free, you build up a trust that could never come from other, more basic forms of marketing. Flyer drops, infomercials, these things have their advantages, but building up rapport is not one of them.

Try brainstorming the most common questions in your niche, and then building custom content from the results. If you set your organisation up as a beacon of quality, concise and relevant information, you’ll be treated with a respect from your potential and current clients that is a particularly illusive regard to otherwise obtain.

Keep Yourself Relevant

Many in the marketing industry see the terms “content marketing” and “custom content” as entirely separate things. Content marketing, they say, is a prime way to attract a new audience. Custom content, on the other hand, they see as a way of involving your current base in your day-to-day goings on.


With that in mind, a healthy custom content strategy is paramount. Ensuring that you maintain your current content standards, and continue to deliver content that is designed specifically for the needs and wants of your niche, is the key to keep your current client base interested and involved in your organisation’s ongoing business. Keep your fanbase happy, and your organisation will continue to be relevant.

Obviously the reasons touched on in this article are all based on the existence of one key cog – good custom content.

Put the content coal in the engine, and then drive the strategy train.

And don’t let horrible train metaphors stop you.