The Carben Manifesto

We’ve found the cure for the human condition. It’s not chemo.It’s not radiotherapy.It’s not surgical steel and expensive pharmaceuticals. It’s simple, quick and highly effective. It’s not even a physical thing, yet its physiological benefits are huge. It actually changes the frequency of our brains for the better. It’s a scientifically-proven panacea.

It’s forgiveness.

When we forgive, we release negativity. We draw out the pain and let it go. We balance the books of past hurts that linger in our bodies, sometimes for decades.

When that happens, a space is created. A vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum, so it fills it in quickly. With what?


Simple right?

It is.

So what’s the problem?

In order to forgive, we must first feel. Not think. Feel.

But we’re scared of it, because it’s inside us and that makes us responsible. So we’ve built a world that doesn’t value it. We’ve focused more on the outside. And outcast feeling. We’ve become so wound up in the mind and its pursuits that we’ve lost touch with how to really feel. We think we feel. But we don’t. We just skim along the surface of life as fast as we can so we don’t really have to do it.

Carben is here to change that.

When our hearts feel, we say goodbye to stress, unfounded fears and chronic disease. We come out of hiding and into being.

When we feel, we are open, compassionate, filled to the brim with empathy. We start to experience the interconnectedness between all life on earth. We stop ignoring others and start understanding them. We openly relate and can therefore forgive; both others and ourselves. Especially ourselves. We are human after all and life is messy, full of mistakes.

Instead, we spend our days moving at lightning speed, driven by an insatiable need to achieve and make the mind the centre of our world. Clever mind. And yet, the mind has no heart. The mind is just a machine that thrives on its own importance. It’s the workhorse for the ego. Its role is to be busy. It always needs more in order to survive. So it enslaves our bodies and pushes us further, harder, higher. And the whole time, we’re moving away from our true feelings and deepening our fears.

This is damaging us. Society has come to accept that poisoning ourselves is an effective means of progressing, that side effects are the price we pay to heal. Drugs, prescription meds, sugar. We focus on destroying ourselves in order to create. What we are willing to sacrifice in order to succeed. In so doing, we spend our lives fast-tracking our deaths. What a waste.

Yes we are living longer than ever before, but where’s the joy in that if it’s spent worrying about dying? In that case, we’re already dead. It’s the mind that worries, the heart does not. The heart knows what to do, but we don’t trust it over the mind. We separate our heads from our hearts. We’ve come to believe intellect and intelligence are one in the same. They’re not.

The stats don’t lie. Cancer, heart disease, obesity, mental illness, all on the rise. Why? Because right now a war is being waged inside every human. The foods we eat, the pressures we endure, the endless waves of information we ingest are killing us. Our immune systems are on red alert and our nervous systems are taxed to the max. Our fight or flight response is constantly triggered by trivial things. We fly off the handle if someone cuts us off in traffic or our phone drops out of reception or our coffee order is muddled. WTF?!?

We’ve lost our grounding. We don’t value the wisdom of our bodies. We don’t listen. How can we trust our gut instincts when our guts are in turmoil? Starved of nutrients. Our moods, our mental clarity, our sense of self are more controlled by bacteria than “us”. Our digestive systems are so busy trying to process the demands of our terrible diets, undue stress and unnatural rhythms that there’s no room for anything else. So we look to our equally starved brains to make us feel better. How can it do that when it’s burning the wrong fuel? A vicious cycle ensues.

That’s because there is an imbalance. Advertising and marketing has sold us the ideal, the perfect life, where all is well and there are no consequences for doing and having whatever we want, whenever we want it. It’s all about moving towards the light. This confuses us when we keep falling into darkness. It has the opposite effect. We feel worse. So we push harder and seek more, always scrambling, clawing, consuming. Yet somehow we never attain what we really want and need…

To be.

We at Carben believe in order to reverse this and truly move forward, we need to stop for a moment and acknowledge this imbalance. Instead of running away from the darkness, it’s time to embrace it as well as the light. We all carry a shadow self within us. It’s powerful and deep. An ancient, intrinsic force. Luke.

It’s here to provide contrast, so we know which direction to travel. It is also the source of our creativity, the nothingness from which ideas appear. The great primordial darkness from which all life stems. It’s the quantum field, the space between, the everything else. This great mystery of the cosmos lives inside all of us. It’s time to welcome and explore it.

On a human level, we believe it necessary to work from a place of exposure in order to find our power. We believe in turning down the bullshit and turning up the truth. We believe in accessing the shadow through our vulnerability. It is the sign of true strength and through showing this vulnerability, we can truly connect.

Yet vulnerability has been turned into a dirty word, a weakness. There’s no place for it in the rat race. So we do everything in our power to be anything but. We force our feelings deeper into our bodies, bury them in the shadow self, leave them to stagnate, so we can appear as happy, strong, capable. Perfect? Then we spend our lives trying to ignore that niggling feeling that something isn’t quite right and we’re somehow incomplete. Then we try to outrun ourselves. Again and again and again.

It’s impossible.

We can’t escape that which we are. We can numb it, push it away, buy some time for a while, but it will always be there. And it will manifest as the very things we try to outrun: Sickness, addiction, anxiety.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The solution is within all of us right now. It requires a decision and the courage to look inside and feel what’s really there: to face the unknown.

It is Carben’s mission to help humanity feel again. To dig deep and let our emotions flow. Not because we’re sadistic, but because we know that in order to forgive and experience the joy of true freedom, we must feel the full range of emotions inside us. Let them come to the surface and dissolve in the light. Yes it’s scary at first, but with practice, it becomes the most liberating experience imaginable.

If you don’t believe us, look at babies. They know how to express all of their emotions. They just do it. They haven’t been clouded by busy minds and egos. They express their fears, their joys, their sorrows. It’s impossible to ignore. We feel for them. The secret is that it’s no different for adults. We feel for those who express their truth, even if it’s confronting for us. It heals.

That’s why we believe in telling stories riddled with conflict. Life is full of it, so why shouldn’t we see it on screen? The TV shows and movies we all love are built on conflict and how the characters overcome it. That’s why we watch them. There is a deep human need to connect with this stuff, to understand and release. Why hasn’t this made it into mainstream advertising and content?

The organisations that have the balls to do this will have audiences flocking to them in droves. They will earn their trust. Why? Because the most interesting and embodied times are when we face our demons. What’s on the other side…

…is everything.

This means opening our hearts and communicating from there. It means being vulnerable, available, honest. It means we won’t shy away from the hard stuff. In fact we’ll embrace it, use it, create from it. We work with the duality of existence. Yin & Yang. We can’t have light without darkness. We can’t have darkness without light. Once we accept this…


That’s where we’ll take you…