Our proven process
for your next video campaign.

Don’t fly blind when it comes to video production.
It’s a sizeable investment in your communications strategy.
Yet the video isn’t the most important part: it’s the thinking behind it.

We use a three-phase approach to diagnose, design and deliver your next video.
It’s a modular process, so you can opt in or out of each phase.





Questions. Questions. Questions? We’re big fans. The better the question, the better the answer. The better the answer, the better the understanding. The better the understanding, the better the creative. That’s the flow.  We conduct market research to enhance your return on investment. You have a three-dimensional audience. Inside all of them are feelings, behaviours and needs waiting to be heard. Deeper still are insights. That’s why we do market research: to discover those insights.  Once we have those we can develop creative that speaks to them. The outcome? Trust, action and even love.  That, dear friends, creates real value and a lasting connection.




Ideas don’t cut it anymore. There are 85 cabillion messages vying for your audience’s attention. The filters are on. The reptilian brain is rejecting anything that’s not endangering, new or exciting. The conscious mind is driven by the silent power of the unconscious. It’s no longer just about making nice pictures with a funky soundtrack. We need a way in.

That’s why we develop creative concepts. The outcome of your video relies on them. Creative concepts stretch beyond ideas. They are specifically targeted to your audience. When devising them, we consider demographics, distribution platforms, levels of knowledge, the age and positioning of your brand, and of course the powerful insights gained from research.

The chosen concept turns into a strong script. Once that’s in place, you’re ready for the final step…




This is where your video comes to life. The fun part! (Actually, it’s all fun.) Since 2008, we’ve been building a network of insanely talented writers, directors, cinematographers, technicians, actors, composers, designers and animators. We bring in the best people for each project, ensuring a higher quality outcome.

Our philosophy is simple: make each project with heart. The strength of our work comes from collaborating with skilled people, caring about the videos we make and telling stories that dig a little deeper.

That’s where you find the diamonds.

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